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section iv writing

part a

47. directions:

suppose you are planning a campus food festival, write an email to international students in your university to

1) introduce the food festival. and

2) invite them to participate.

?you should write about 100 words on the answer sheet.

do not use your one name. use “li ming”instead. (10 points)



dear international students.

as one of the organizers of campus culture department,i am writing to invite you to attend the coming food festival in our school.

it would be extremely exciting to taste various traditional chinese food from different areas. there would be such amazing food types as gong bao chiken from sichuan province and roast wa beijing duck from beijng,which can fully enhance your cognition on chinese food culture as well as the costumes featuring regional characteristics.additionally.delicious food can arouse the sense of happiness,giving you all a l
ovelier experience during the study in china.

the food festival will be held on the west square next to library,from 9:30 12:00 a.m. this early reply on our invitation would be appreciated,and we will be delighted if you could attend the activity

yours sincerely,

li ming????



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