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1. [b] resolve
2. [d] seek
3. [a] hurt
4. [d] expose
5. [c] trail
6. [d] deliver
7. [a] when
8. [b] happen
9. [c] such as
10. [a] discover
11. [d] food
12. [a] lead to
13. [c] inquiry
14. [b] self-destructive
15. [b] resist
16. [b] predict
17. [c] choose
18. [d] outcome
19. [b] whether
20. [a] consequences
(text 1)
21. [a] practical ability
22. [c] are not academically successful
23. [b] used to have more job opportunities
24. [d] indicates the overvaluing of higher education
25. [a] supportive
(text 2)
26. [c] falling
27. [a] is progressing notably
28. [a] wind is widely used energy source
29. [c] its continuous supply is becoming is reality
30. [c] is not really encouraged by the us government
(text 3)
31. [b] user information
32. [c] pose a risk to facebook users
33. [d] cannot keep pace with the changing market
34. [a] they are not defined as customers
35. [d] the relationship between digital giants and their users
(text 4)
36. [a] keep to your focus time
37. [d] detailed plan may not be as fruitful as expected
38. [d] an essential factor in accomplishing any work
39. [b] can bring about greater efficiency
40. [b] approaches to getting more done in less time
41. [a] just say it
42. [f] skip the small talk
43. [e] find the“me too”s
44. [b] be present
45. [d] name, places, things
46. 一位五年级的学生被布置了一份家庭作业,要从职业清单中选出自己未来的职业道路。他勾选了“宇航员”,但很快又将“科学家”添至清单中,并将其选中。这个男孩确信,如果他的阅读量足够大,他想探索多少条职业道路都可以。因此,他博览群书——从百科全书到科幻小说。他读书的热情如此之高,以至于他的父母不得不制定了吃饭时的“禁读令”。
dear prof. smith,
i am writing to apologize for not being able to visit you this weekend since i have to cancel my travel plan to your city for some reason.
it so happened that i had an urgent phone call from my manager on my way to the airport. i was informed that a crucial member of the new project team would be absent for a week with appendicitis and i would have to take his place after he left. i know it very well that our appointment is of great importance. i wonder if you could give me another chance and change our appointment to sometime early next month.
i am really sorry for all the inconvenience that i brought to you. i am looking forward to your early reply.
yours sincerely,
li ming

the given pie chart clearly illustrates what consumers care about in selecting a restaurant for dinner in a certain city in 2017. specifically, the features of the restaurants accounts for the largest proportion (36.3%) while other unmentioned factors take up the least proportion (4.7%). then the service and the environment of the restaurants constitutes 26.8% and 23.8% respectively. next comes the price, with only 8.4%.
not surprisingly, nowadays the consumers pay more attention to the feature of restaurants rather than the price of dinner. what has caused this phenomenon? on the one
hand, a rise in incomes boosts consumers’ buying power, so lower price becomes less of a major advantage for restaurants in attracting diners. on the other hand, with the development of economy, an increasing number of dining options are made available to customers, so more attention has been paid to the specialties of the restaurants.
to sum up, as people’s living conditions have been significantly improved, this trend is likely to maintain for quite a long time in the future: the features of the restaurants, that is the taste of food, is always among the top of consumers’ priority list.



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