Sunday Feb 25, 2024



  what an astonishing picture it is above! two one-leged men are running together on each other’s help. departed, they would have been unable to move even an inch forward, combined, they are now capable of running over any intact person.

  as the core value of development strategy at the time being, sense of cooperation and its weight couldn’t be more clearly proved and revealed in the picture above-shown. in real world, no one is perfect, rather we are all flawed and fallible. with limited strength and unavoidable shortage, it is hard for an individual to reach great achievement all by his own. united, however, other person’s advantage will perfectly and swiftly cove
r our shortcomings, and a win-win policy will be expectable around the corner.

  from my own perspective, such an understanding will do good to our society if it is carried out more profoundly. only through a mutual aiding system assisted by government can social harmony actually come true. therefore a well-established system should be in use so that different communities, groups and families can live on one another, sharing interests and achievements. as it has been announced by un in 2000, united, we are the world!



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