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it’s true that high-school coding classes aren’t essential for learning computer science in college.(的确大学编码课并不是大学核算机课程所有必要的。)students without experience can catch up after a few introductory courses, said tom cortina, the assistant dean at carnegie mellon’s school of computer science.(卡耐基梅隆核算机学校的助理主任汤姆·科尔蒂纳标明,没有经历的学生在几节入门课之后能跟上课程。)
however, cortina said, early exposure is beneficial.(当然,科尔蒂纳认为前期触摸编码是有利的。)when younger kids learn computer science, they learn that it’s not just a confusing, endless string of letters and numbers——but a tool to build apps, or create artwork, or test hypotheses.(当更小的孩子学习核算机时,他们学习的不只是一个难以了解的,无止境的字符串和数字——而是一种可以制造使用程序、创造艺术品或许查验假设的东西。)it’s not hard for them to transform their thought processes as it is for older students.(相关于对年长的学生,关于他们思维进程的改动也并不困难。)breaking down problems into bite-sized chunks and using code to solve them becomes normal.(将疑问切割成小块并运用编码去向置它变成了常态。)giving more children this training could increase the number of people interested in the field and help fill the jobs gap, cortina said.(科尔蒂纳认为让更多的孩子进行这种练习能添加对该领域快乐喜爱的人数而且能加添该领域的作业人员的缺口。)
students also benefit from learning something about coding before they get to college, where introductory computer-science classes are packed to the brim, which can drive the less-experienced or -determined students away.(在上大学前,学生学习一些编码也能收益。在大学里入门核算机课程被排得满满的,这样使得那些短少经历和自傲的学生扔掉学习核算机课。)
the flatiron school, where people pay to learn programming, started as one of the many coding bootcamps that’s become popular for adults looking for a career change.(福莱特轮学校是我们付费学习编程的当地,初步作为许多编码练习营之一,后来遭到了寻求替换作业的成年人等待。)the high-school get the same curriculum, but “we try to gear lessons toward things they’re insterested in,” said victoria friedman, an instructor.(大学的课程都是相同的,可是“咱们企图调整课程朝着他们感快乐喜爱的方向。”教师维多利亚·弗里德曼说。)for instance, one of the apps the students are developing suggests movies based on your mood.(例如,其大学生正在研发的一个使用程序是根据你心境给你举荐影片。)
the students in the flatiron class probably won’t drop out of high school and build the next facebook.(福莱特轮班级的学生可以不会从大学退学去树立下一个脸书。)programming languages have a quick turnover, so the “ruby on rails” language they learned may not even be relevant by the time they enter the job market.(编程言语改动非常快,所以他们学习的“规划脚本”言语在他们进入人才商场的时分可以现已过期了。)but the skills they learn——how to think logically through a problem and organize the results——apply to any coding language, said deborah seehorn, an education consultant for the state of north carolina.(北卡罗来纳州教育参谋黛博拉·塞霍恩认为,可是他们学习的这项技能——如何有逻辑地思考一个疑问和组织好成果——适用于任何一门编码言语。)
indeed, the flatiron students might not go into it at all.(实际上,福莱特轮的学生可以根柢不进入it作业。)but creating a future army of coders is not the sole purpose of the classes.(可是培育一群将来的编码者并不是这个班级仅有的意图。)these ki
ds are going to be surrounded by computers——in their pockets, in their offices, in their homes——for the rest of their lives.(这些孩子讲会被核算机所围住——在他们的口袋里,单位里以及家里——在他们的余生中。)the younger they learn how computers think, how to coax the machine into producing what they want——the earlier they learn that they have the power to do that——the better.(越年青的时分他们学习核算机时如何运作,如何出产他们所需要的物品就越好——他们学得越早,他们就更有才能去施行。)



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